Dental Checkups

General Dental Checkups are very important in maintaining good oral health.

For most people, 12 monthly checkups are adequate.  In some cases however whether there is long term tooth decay or gum disease, a 6 monthly monitoring is recommended.  This keeps on top of things and avoids the need for crisis dental treatment.  We use Diagonent technology and digital x-rays to make examinations complete.

Heart and vascular specialists are stressing the need to have healthy gums.  Bleeding of gums on brushing can be a sign of gingivitis or deeper gum disease (pensodonitis).  This results in more white blood cells in the blood stream, increasing the long term risk of aneurism, stroke and heart disease.  Gum disease, once identified, can be treated to prevent all of these medical illnesses.

We carry out an extensive examination of the soft tissues of the mouth including, tongue, cheeks, palate and middle pharynx to look for early signs of oral cancer.  A pre-cancerous lesion can be treated by specialists and so avoid life threatening illness.

We have undergone much post graduate study in preventative dentistry and will spend the time required to help you maintain your teeth and gums for the long term.

Happy man doing teeth checkup at dentist's surgery

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