Children’s Dentistry

Merrylands Professional Dental is a family practice.  We cater for people from infants to the elderly.  In fact, some of our grandparents started with us as young children.

When is a child’s first visit recommended?

It is ideal to have a child start at around 3 to 4 years of age just to get them used to sitting in a dental chair and have a gentle examination of the teeth, gums and oral tissues and to commence monitoring of growth and development.

There is a demonstration to child (and parent) of brushing technique and reinforcement of the need to clean twice daily with a soft toothbrush.

How can a parent help their child’s oral health at home?

In the early years parental brushing of infants’ teeth is recommended.  As a growing child masters the technique, we recommend to parents that whenever possible to make tooth brushing a family activity as children will follow and copy their parents cleaning habit, including time spent cleaning.

How often for checkups?

If however the health of the teeth, gums and oral tissues are all stable, a 12 monthly checkup is adequate through the growing years and beyond.

Who to see?

Drs Angela and Sylvia have a strong interest in children’s dentistry and attend regular courses together to update their knowledge in this area.


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