Silver and White fillings

Scientists reporting to The World Health Organisation and The American Food And Drug Administration still support and as a result universities still teach the placement of silver fillings in back teeth,while holistic dentists spend much of their time removing and replacing them.

While the debate continues the majority of people particularly the young ,simply don’t want silver fillings anymore, even in their back teeth.

Fortunately tooth coloured composite,and the more biocompatible and better sealing glass ionomer technology have improved dramatically over the last two decades and are a viable alternative, particularly when used together in the one filling .In wide shallow cavities, bonded white fillings will actually perform better than silver filling  material.

The real key to success in preventing decay returning again and again to the same food trap area is not so much which filling material to use, but stopping food getting down between those two teeth.(which are often at an angle to eachother)

We use the V Ring matrix band system by Trio Dental which effectively fixes this food trap problem and as a result (still with good day to day cleaning between these teeth)will help shut down further decay in a problem area.

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